Katamarayudu Review – Pawan Kalyan’s One Man Show

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Katamarayudu
Movie Cast Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Hassan, Siva Balaji, Ajay, Ali, Kamal Kamaraju
Director Kishore Kumar Pardasani
Music Director Anup Rubens
Production Company North Star Entertainment
Release Date March 24, 2017

The trend of remaking movies from other industries will not stop as it is reaping makers some decent profits even before the release owing to its already proven content added with star power. Veeram, which was directed by Shiva having Ajith as main lead was a commercial hit when it was released and it was also dubbed as Veerudokkade for Telugu and released which has nothing new in terms of content except for few elevations of hero. Power star Pawan Kalyan who enjoys humongous fan base is now coming into theatres after the debacle of Sardar Gabbar Singh with the remake of Veeram under the direction of Dolly who earlier directed him for Gopala Gopala under the production of North Star Entertainment. Let’s see how it works on us.


Katamarayudu Talk
Katamarayudu Talk

Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) is a powerful person who lives in a village with his four brothers (Ajay, Siva Balaji, Kamal and Chaitanya Kamaraju). He don’t like the idea of marriage and he never give a damn about love or girls in his life. As his brothers are in relationships secretly, they plan to make Rayudu a lover boy and finds Avanthika (Shruthi Hassan). Rayudu who is reluctant at first reluctantly falls for her and story moves to her village where her father (Nassar) is a powerful one who hates the idea of non – violence in his area. Katamarayudu goes to her place and he takes the responsibility of saving her family from the rivalries secretly. How he achieved it and how he get married to her forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Power Star Pawan Kalyan as Katamarayudu is delight for fans to watch on screen with his mannerisms and dances. His performance is good and he has delivered what a power star fan expect. Shruthi Hassan is nice and she looked gorgeous in her role. Rao Ramesh as Narsappa is superb and proved his potential once again. Ali and Prudhvi are humorous and tickle audience. Ajay, Siva Balaji, Kamal Kamaraju and Chaitanya Krishna are good as brother’s of Pawan Kalyan. Nassar is good as Shruthi Hassan’s father. All other actors performed to the extent of their roles.

Writing Department

Katamarayudu Rating
Katamarayudu Rating

Story of Katamarayudu is nothing new. Screenplay could have written better for the second half and dialogues are good.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Anup Rubens are good and they are not shot well to make them more convincing. His background score is biggest drawback and leave audience yearning for much more mass score for the scenes. Cinematography by Prasad Murella is nice and he has canned some nice eye appealing visuals. Editing by Gowtham Raju is okay. Stunts and action sequences are well composed. Production values are okay.


  • Power Star’s one man show
  • Comedy sequences


  • Second Half
  • Background score by Anup Rubens
  • Story


Katamarayudu is out and out commercial movie targeted for fans and mass audience. It begins on a very high note with a superbly shot action sequence and goes on and on with some comedy sequences involving Ali and others as well as Pawan Kalyan and Shruthi Hassan’s love track. Pawan Kalyan who don’t like the idea of getting married falls for Shruti Hassan, which is a planned sequence by his brother’s could have shot more convincingly. The vfx for the train sequence looks amateur and is disappointing for a big budgeted film like this. This half is entertaining and is a big relief for fans after the previous movie. Second half begins on a good note and comedy sequences in the beginning works well and then it falls flat without having much to entertain except for some elevation sequences of Power star for fans. Adding to this, Anup Rubens did a bad job in composing background score which doesn’t help the film at all and his songs are not so well shot leaving audience disappointed in terms of music. With a good first half and average second half, Katamarayudu entertains fans and is an average for normal audience.

Comments on Katamaraydu Movie:

Very good 1st half, PK kummesaadu action episodes lo. Yelo yedaarilo song baagundhi. Comedy scenes kooda worked well ??? #KatamaRayudu

Theater Lo Andharu Towels Tho Vacharu, Even Ladies, Zindabad Powerstar Slogans, Racha Racha , NJ Regal Commerce 18
ShowTime -#KatamaRayudu

Rod movie ?? will never watch pawan kalyan’s premier shows again in my life just fights are good 1/5 #Katamarayudu

Laage laage anna bit vachinapudu step superadirindi .. #Katamarayudu show’s the star power of PK .. #SingleHand

Nekkanti‏ @UrsNekkanti: 1st Half Good. Comedy and Fights Work. 2nd Half Slow. Songs and Sentiment Scenes Boring. Overall, Just Average Film in Content #Katamarayudu

sowmya‏ @sowmyarajkumarr : #Katamarayudu First Half Mass plus class Rain scene, opening intro, songs,comedy, train fight. Mass of masses & class winner.

KCR‏ @krishna84 – Day1 record anthe cheppu tho kotali .. 1st day moring show DROPS #KatamaRayudu

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