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Cheekati Rajyam Review: Content is like god or films. Our filmmakers now started focusing on content rather than star cast. They are not hesitating to remake a foreign film. French film Nuit Blanche directed by Frederich Jardin is remade by Universal Star Kamal Hassan into Tamil as Thoongavanam and Telugu as Cheekati Rajyam, starring himself, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Madhu Shalini and others written by himself and directed by his long term assistant and self-proclaimed fan director Rajesh M Selva produced under Raaj Kamal FilmsInternational and Sri Gokulam movies. Let’s see how it works on audience.

A Still from Cheekati Rajyam
A Still from Cheekati Rajyam


C.K. Diwakar (Kamal Hassan) is a Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) cop who is separated from his wife Sujatha (Asha Sharath). In an Under Cover operation, he stoles 10 kgs of Cocaine (Drug) which is being transported to Hyderabad from a gang. Vittal (Prakash Raj), owner of a pub named Insomnia in Hyderabad plans to get that back from C.K.Diwakar. He kidnaps Vasu (Aman Abdullah), son of C. K. Diwakar. He warns C. K. Diwakar to give Cocaine back and take his son away. Do C. K. Diwakar give away Cocaine to Vittal?? Do the Under Cover Operation planned by C. K. Diwakar succeed?? These questions form the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Kamal Hassan as C. K. Diwakar, Narcotics Control Bureau cop is splendid. His action and mannerisms are treat to watch on big screen. He makes us feel the character. He showed his variations from costumes to his diction. Kamal Hassan as a father who struggles to get his kidnapped son back is great. Trisha who is known for her beauty, got a good role in this movie and she is nice as Mallika, a lady police officer.She played the character in her own way. Prakash Raj who is known for his villainy roles, entertains us big time as Vittal, owner of a pub with a nice dose of humor.Madhushalini surprises us with her liplocks to Kamal Hassan. Aman Abdullah who played the role of Vasu, C. K. Diwakar’s son played his character well. Kishore as a corrupted police officer, Sampath Raj as second villain, Yugi Sethu as Kamal’s friend and Asha Sharath as Kamal’s wife did justice to their respective roles. Each and every character is made with a purpose in the movie.

Cheekati Rajyam Poster
Cheekati Rajyam Poster

Writing Department

Content is asset of Cheekati Rajyam. Screenplay by Kamal Hassan is gripping and makes audience engaged to screen throughout the movie. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are natural and he do not go for punch dialogues or rhyming. His dialogues goes with the flow of the film. As the movie is remake of a French movie, it is re written in a way that to attract all.

Technical Departments

Cinematography by Sanu John Varghese is top notch. His cinematography creates live mode which engages audience even more. Ghibran, who is in news with his fantastic music delivers great. His background music helps the movie big time. His music is also a big asset for the film. Almost, each and every department is handled perfectly. Production values by Raaj Kamal Films International is great.


Kamal Hassan
Gibran Background Score
Story, Screenplay
Prakash Raj
Action Sequences


One or Two forced scenes


Kamal Hassan’s Cheekati Rajyam is one such a movie which our audience are expecting to watch. The team delivers a perfect movie. Both the halves are good to watch and is gripping. This movie begins and ends with a great intensity which is missing in our movies. Cheekati Rajyam is a must watch for those who expect something different from our routine movies. Screenplay, Camera angles, Ghibran’s background music and actor’s performance makes it great. Finally, a must watch movie from Kamal Hassan.

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