Big Relief to Baahubali Kattappa


These days Kattappa from “Baahubali” has become famous for his killing Baahubali. Why Kattappa killed Baahubali? Was the question that everyone has asked? It even trended on Facebook and Twitter too. “To know the answer wait for the 2nd part” said S.S. Rajamouli-The director of Baahubali.

While SS Rajamouli is secretly filming the residue of his next part of “Baahubali”, that is to showcase “Why Kattappa, a honest follower of Baahubali killed his own master”, the Mumbai police are working overtime to determine the motive of Indrani’s plot to kill her own daughter.

Now, there is no need of asking Kattappa any questions. Because Indian’s are asking “Why was Sheena Bora killed?” Yes, now this ain’t any mysterious death in film story or a reality show. Sheena Bora belongs to a Mukerjea family who is the daughter of Indrani, was murdered and burned by her Mother in Maharashtra.

Well, The Mumbai police say that her mother Mrs. Indrani has killed her daughter; they are also seeking for other family members who might have been involved in the assassination. While this family drama went viral, Indians started asking questions like, Who killed Sheena Bora? Who is related to whom in Mukerjea family? Even the sensational director Ram Gopal Verma is also eagerly waiting for these answers. May be he’s in a plan of make a mystery movie out of this case.

Sheena Bora and her family share a complicated relation among themselves. Sheena who is a daughter of a high profiled CEO of a media film was killed by her mother Indrani Mukerjea, who assumed that Sheena was having an affair with her brother (Mikhail Bora).

Now this case has brought huge relief for Kattappa, as the whole nation has plunged themselves into this real life mystery, asking Why Sheena Bora was killed? Rather than why did Kattappa killed Baahubali?


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