Bandipotu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Bandipotu Review: After “Sudigadu”, Allari Naresh didn’t taste perfect hit. Even though, he was considered as a producers and distributors hero, his flick failed in the recent past, at the box office. Allari Naresh and his distributors kept huge hopes on this latest venture. High budget too was spent on this flick and we have to see whether Allari Naresh and the distributors get profited by this latest flick. Read on to know the review of this venture.


The movie story revolves around a conman Vishwa (Allari Naresh), who leads life with some principles, and his assistant Telabbai (Sampoornesh Babu). One day Vishwa was approached by a girl named Jahnavi (Eesha) with an attractive deal and the deal is to cheat 3 people namely Makrandam(​Tannikella Bharani​) ​Seshagiri(​Rao Ramesh​)​ and ​Bale Babu(Posani), who are high-profile people in the society. Why Jahnavi wants to take revenge on these three people and how does Vishwa deceives the three people using his tricks is the rest of the story.


Apart from Allari Naresh, there are several comedians in this venture. Hence, it is a challenging role for anyone of them to take an edge over the others. Allari Naresh’s episode was good with his style of comedy. Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu too was fine in his own style. Avasarala Srinivas and Tanikella Barani combination was on average line.

Sapthagiri as TV reporter was good. Posani Murali Krishna, Rao Ramesh and Chandra Mohan had few serious and comedy episodes and they managed to perform well in all the scenarios. Eesha’s role as a glam doll and as a connecting element in the flick was good.

Technical Aspects:

Production values were well maintained. Few songs were having rich visuals and the cinematography too was good. Director managed to give justification to the title at the end of the flick and the story looked complete. The flick has a mixed track of comedy and seriousness. Director planned to add all elements into the flick to make it look rich. But, due to an average subject line and routine story, the flick settled in the average line.

This is in fact an experimental venture from Naresh side. He decided to go for rich film making but if he could have taken care of the story and the subject, it would have been more better. A good subject and story to this attempt would have done wonders.


With a very good star cast and an average story line, the flick managed to impress audience to some extent. It may attract Allari Naresh’s fans as it has got the trade mark comedy of all the actors. But, for the audience who expected something different from Allari Naresh, this flick may not impress them. On an average, this flick may get average collections at the box office.

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