Actress Raasi asked to have S-E-X with a politician

Actress Raasi who was a leading actress in the year 90’s was famous for her large sized b***s at a very tender age. The lady used some bust creams in order to obtain a large sized chunk on her chest which attracted many heroes and producers and shot her onto top actress slot in the years 90’s.

Recently, she produced a movie which bombed at the box office and dragged the beautiful actress into deep financial crisis. However, actress Raasi was determined to strike gold by producing another good movie. It has been reported that she obtained a good script from a local writer and is in search for a financial source. Last week, she approached a producer who recommended her a coastal Andhra MLA. The leader directly asked Raasi to date with him for a week in order to lend the whole financial amount.

It is reported that the MLA was asking Raasi to entertain his friends who will be flying to Hyderabad from Dubai.

Poor Raasi, rejected this demand and came out of the lounge with weeping tears

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